Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The PlayStation 3 core equivalent to the Xbox 360 premium ? :

The PlayStation 3 core system's price has been mostly criticized by many Gaming blogs. It actually is equivalent to the Xbox 360 premium's price. While the Xbox 360 premium is actually US $399. The add-on that brings the two cousins is the inclusion of the HD-DVD add-on drive, which turns out to be on almost every Xbox 360 owner's wishlist. After all both systems offer the Same specs, 20 GB hard-drive, no Wi-fi, no HDMI ouput, while the PlayStation 3 offers Bluetooth and an extra USB port and a Blu-ray drive ( considered to be more advanced than the HD-DVD) for the same price. Conclusion: No need of serious backlash among the Microsoft fan boys club. And a good night's sleep for the Core PlayStation 3 buyer. So the PlayStation 3 core ~ Xbox 360 premium + HD-DVD drive.

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