Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Is Xbox 360 a next-generation Gaming Console :

One of the greatest Questions that i've heard is that ' Is the Microsoft Xbox 360 really a "next-gen" gaming console? '. I was stunned when I heard that question, I was thinking about it and I landed on a struggling revealation. The Xbox 360, is a next-gen console but I would say due to its early launch last year, it may be considered as what Ken Kutagari said a Xbox 1.5, because it does not have anything new compared to the early generation. If wireless Gaming and a Good GPU is considered to be next-gen, then even I can make one by upgrading my computer. But the other two contendors, The Nintendo Wii and The Sony PlayStation 3 have something new, that is motion-sensing controllers and PlayStation 3 has a blu-ray drive which itself is a Next-Generation Optical device. The Nintendo Wii has that Casual Gaming element attached to it, while the PlayStation 3 is considered for serious Gaming. The Xbox 360 turns out to be a Online enabled PC, that just has a few exclusive titles and has a great fan following due to its promotions and buy outs, hyping and other cheap methods of attracting consumers, The Halo Game was orginally a PC Game that became a Xbox title. So my conclusion is that while the Xbox 360 provides eye-pleasing graphics and stuff it definitely is not next-generation stuff.


Ben Kjomisu said...

Dude, I hear what you are saying. Xbox was launched last year, and you called it to be 'Internet Enabled PC', well you obviously haven't on Live. It would beat the shit outta you. Xbox has stunning raster motion, and is unbeatable. PS and Ninty might have new colors and new boxes, but the engine is definately lacking.

Anonymous said...

Keep thinking that Ben :p