Monday, July 03, 2006

PlayStation 3: Potential Power or not.

The PlayStation 3, promises a lot. But will it deliver the goods as promised ? While The Cell with 7 Cores of 3.2 GHZ each and the Nvidia's RSX and Blu-ray seem like a lot for $600, from a PC point of view. It definitely is costly for a Console.

Is the PlayStation 3 limited by our Imagination or by its technological Features ? Well the PlayStation 3 looks pretty promising. But it also has some limits and those limits are based around Development Costs and many other hurdles. While Microsoft is a software company, they would make the 360 pretty easy for developers.

But Sony too can make the Development Costs a lot less by helping the Game Developers by assisting in development rather than just publishing it. The PlayStation 3 can do a lot. If Sony implements the promised Linux into the PlayStation 3 and allows people to develop new software for it, that would be great. With 60 GB of Hard-drive space($600 SKU) many applications like an mp3 player, media player, browser, Chat Client, Adobe Acrobat, etc can be developed if supported by Sony. Heck, even Linux games can be ported to the PlayStation 3. People can live their nostalgic arcade gaming titles( Doom, Wolf 3d, Quake, Contra, etc) without waiting for Sony to publish them Online with their PlayStation HUB Service. Sony can use Keyboards and mice with the PlayStation 3to prove that the PlayStation 3 is a computer. The media player should support all formats .avi, .mpg, .mov, .wmv. If Sony doesn't mind licensing a media player that plays all the formats.

Even Sony can use the PlayStation HUB to distribute their Music and Movies at a nominal price, as there would be no need for CDs or DVDs or BDs(Blu-ray discs). The Sony Connect Service can be integrated into the PlayStation HUB. SOE's games like Everquest II, PlanetSide, StarWars Galaxies can be sold at PlayStation HUB and through DVDs or BDs, as they would actually develop a great consumer base for the PlayStation 3, These Online Games can be charged like $4 a month for more household penetration. Sony can also develop new MMORPGS, MMOFPS, etc which would bring many consumers for the PlayStation 3, while this would also develop a large source of Income for Sony Online Entertainment. While PlayStation 3 Gamers would get to play with those who are with Windows and Macs. A service can be developed like Game updater, which updates the Game when it is connected to the internet(downloads, updates and expansions).

The PlayStation 3 sure has a large potential, but it should be tapped well.

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